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As in all Spanish-Portuguese synagogues, the Banca is situated in the middle of the northern wall


"The Ner Tamid, the eternal light,was the gift of Samuel Judah of New York in 1765. There is a fascinating story about this Ner Tamid. It used to be fed with oil. The early settlers used to replenish it with oil when the oil evaporated, and when the…

Pair of engraved brass six-light brass chandeliers, first restored in 1959 using large drip pans, which are out of character with the classical style of the objects. The drip pans were not reinstalled in the 2005-06restoration. The engravings,…

These rimonim are the work of colonial silversmith Myer Myers.
During restoration in 2005-06, the tiny ‘cup’ finials have been correctly positioned.However, note the small top detail; Newmans Ltd. was not able to determine whether the higher…

These are good examples of the quality which can be achieved in casting decorative objects. Each candlestick is composed of fourteen parts which fit together like a precision puzzle. The structural issues we dealt with were only minor – refitting of…



The Torah ark or ark in a synagogue is known in Hebrew as the Aron Kodesh by the Ashkenazim and as the Hekhál amongst most Sefardim. It is generally a receptacle, or ornamental closet, which contains each synagogue's Torah scrolls (Sifrei Torah in…

The Barney House is located at 58 Spring Street, on the northeast corner of Spring and Touro streets. Benjamin Barney sold the house and lot to Jacob Barney in 1730; therefore the house must have been constructed prior to 1730. Ezra Stiles map of…
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