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The pre-restoration Tsedakah boxes were chipped and the surface eroded. The silver escutcheon and nameplate were tarnished. The donation slots had been eroded from use over the years. To preserve the historic character of the slots, the…

Before restoration, the marble surface and incised letters were covered with oily soot from burning candles. This had attracted dust, which had also become affixed. The rosettes were heavily corroded. To restore the object, the surface was washed…


The candlesticks were disassembled during restoration in 2005-06. The parts show that
these were made in the Industrial Period; the parts were built around a central, threaded pipe similar to that used for electric lamps during the 20th century.

Disassembled Silver Plated Continental Candlesticks
Before restoration, The oxidized background of the individual elements were chipped on one plate, and the highlights were unbalanced. The back-plate was overpolished. The black oxide patina was restored, and the backplate brought to a more uniform…

Before the 2005-06 restoration, The silver had been overcleaned, reducing the contrast between the letters and the polished face, and between the frame’s floral reliefs and their background. To restore, All the letters and floral reliefs were…

When Newmans Ltd. began the restoration in 2005, the bells were missing and the silver elements were oxidized. They removed the crown to facilitate cleaning.The thin gold plate, or wash, was masked whilehighlighting the silver, to avoid erosion. The…

These rimonim are the work of colonial silversmith Myer Myers.
During restoration in 2005-06, the tiny ‘cup’ finials have been correctly positioned.However, note the small top detail; Newmans Ltd. was not able to determine whether the higher…

During the 2005-06 renovation, All parts are assembled and polished. The bells were coordinated and attached; dents in the pierced forms were removed. The duplicated Magen David and sphere are in place.

Dedicated on the first day of Channukah in 1763, completed in 1768, this building is an exquisite example of 18-century Palladian architecture designed by Peter Harrison, America's first architect. The Reverend Ezra Stiles (November 29, 1727 – May…
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